Information about Iceland: Iceland is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, lying on the constantly active geologic border between North America and Europe. It is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. Reykjavík is the capital and the largest city with a population of 123.000 (2019). Read More...

Game and Nature Reserves

Hvítserkur is a 15 m high basalt stack along the eastern shore of the Vatnsnes peninsula, in northwest Iceland. The rock has two holes at the base, which give it the appearance of a dragon who is drinking. The base of the stack has been reinforced…

Látrabjarg, is a promontory and the westernmost point in Iceland. The cliffs are home to millions of birds, including puffins, northern gannets, guillemots and razorbills. It is vital for their survival as it hosts up to 40{e22ce55603d0aa3bfaf7f02f313aeff3f8a1d43cf5e7eb0d847cd78c5040d040} of the world population for some species.

Skaftafell is a wilderness area in Iceland’s Vatnajökull National Park. Its huge glaciers include Skaftafellsjökull and Svínafellsjökull. Trails lead to Kristínartindar Mountain and to the Svartifoss waterfall, which tumbles over black basalt columns.

Hallormsstadur Forestry Reserve is located in Fljótsdalur east Iceland, about 25 kilometers inland from the town of Egilsstaðir. It is one of the larger forests in Iceland, covering 740 hectares (ha), and includes the only village in Iceland that is located in a forest.

Vestmannaeyjar (Western Islands) is an archipelago off Iceland’s south coast, formed by underwater volcanic eruptions. The youngest island, Surtsey, was formed in 1963. Heimaey is the largest and only inhabited island. It has 2 volcanoes, Helgafell and Eldfell.

Hellisgerði Park has been The Elf Gardens home since Summer Solstice 2011.

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